About Us


The name Ramaniyam in Sanskrit evokes a picture of grace, beauty, enjoyment and charm. Every Ramaniyam project lives up to this name and endeavours to create a life of grace and enjoyment for its clients. Ever since 1986, Ramaniyam has built a reputation for the care that helps them customise spaces for their clients, accommodating their dreams.


We’re a Chennai based provider of premium residences for corporate living. Having started operations in 2007, we’ve been providing carefully selected and fitted out properties to meet the discerning styles of senior executives. We manage over 200 rooms in Chennai catering to blue chip companies. Most of the guests are expatriate customers either visiting India or moving to India and Absolute Homes has helped them in settling down smoothly in India. Absolute Homes facilities include well-appointed fully serviced rooms with multi cuisine restaurants, room service and laundry facilities. The company is known for maintaining highest levels of safety, security, cleanliness and hygiene.

Ramaniyam and Absolute have come together to inspire Grey Suit, a contemporary business hotel, catering to the needs of the seasoned business traveller. It is their first initiative in this direction